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Name:Clint Barton
Birthdate:Jan 24
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

> Born September 24, 1983 in Waverly, Iowa.
> His parents were killed in a car crash in May of 1989
> Skipped through multiple foster homes between 1989 to 1999
> Little brother Bernard (Barney) adopted in August of 1991
> Joined Carson Carnival and Traveling Wonders after running away from a foster home in 1999, worked as a rustabout before being trained as an acrobat, aerialist and finally honing a natural ability with the bow and arrow, performing as a star attaction.
> Leaves when the circus collapses and joins the LAPD in 2002
> Recruited from SWAT Team for S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2006
> 2006 to Present elite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, assasin, operative and sniper.
> To celebrate his one hundreth mission Clint got a large, tribal tattoo of a Kestrel and arrow on his shoulder blade.
> 2012 to Present operates under the alias 'HAWKEYE' in the S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited tactical response team: THE AVENGERS


Clinton Francis Barton was born on September 24, 1983 in Waverly, Iowa to Harold and Frances Barton. He has one brother, Bernard "Bernie" Barton, two years his junior. Clint was born with a minor genetic mutation that caused his eyesight to be unusually keen and high focus in great detail.

When Clint was four years old he lost most of his hearing in a near drowning accident. He came away from the incident nearly completely deaf and with a healthy fear of drowning. This was the same year that Clint's mother, Frances, gave him a toy bow and arrow set. He proved to have a natural ability with it, sharpened the arrows and would kill birds, squirrels and rabbits with the toys. By age five he'd graduated to a competition recurve and a standard hunting compound bow.

Harold, a notorious alcoholic, killed himself and Frances in a drunk driving accident when Clint was six years old. Clint and Bernard were registered into the Iowa State Social Services foster care system. Clint's poor hearing made him and easy target for older and more aggressive children and Clint began to seek refuge in trees, roofs any high perch which he could see all directions. Bernard was adopted, Clint attempted to remain close with his brother but lost contact when Bernard and his adopted family moved to California. Clint has no idea where Bernard is and is reluctant to find him believing he would be intruding on his little brother's life.

Clint aged out of the foster care system at seventeen and got work with a circus as a rustabout. He worked with several different circuses including Barnum, Ringling and the Coney Island Circus. In New York he was observed practicing with his bow and contracted to Carson's Carnival and Traveling Wonders as a trickshot. He was trained in acrobatics, high wire walking and perfected his natural marksmanship. His starring act was mounted trick shooting from the back of a gallloping horse, a Friesian mare named Sparrow. He was billed as 'The Greatest Marksman in the World'. On Sparrow's untimely death Clint refused to perform his act with another horse and was fired and hitch hiked to near by Los Angeles.

When Clint attempted to rob a gas station in desperation the arresting officer released him with a long speech and a lasting impression. Clint applied and tested for a California GED, enrolled and was accepted into the Los Angeles Police Academy. Clint graduated top of his class with full honors, he worked as a patrolman for eighteen months before he was accepted into SWAT and sharpshooter's training, graduating with perfect scores and honors. Clint worked as the primary tactician and sniper for the LAPD SWAT team for three and a half years before he was approached by SHIELD.

Agent Philip Coulson was assigned as Clint's Handler and direct supervisor, he was given intensive supplimental training to act as agent and assassin, he was assigned the alias 'Hawkeye' due to his keen eyesight and likely a play on his homestate being Iowa. Clint and Phil quickly became the primary team for deployment and execution. His total number of kills is unknown, his only unaquired target remains Natasha Romanov.

While guarding the Tesseract Clint was compromised and controlled by Loki. He acted as a primary aggressor; killing several agents, civilians and causing severe damaged to the Helicarrier before Natasha broke the spell with a blow to the head. When he regained consciousness Clint aligned himself with the Avengers, acting as lookout, sniper and tactician during the battle in Manhattan.

Post the events in New York Clint was informed of Phil's murder, he is not taking the loss of his best friend and Handler well. He was pulled from active duty and barred from range and simulated training until he is cleared by both SHIELD medical and psych to return to combat. He is also waiting for a new Handler to be assigned. Though he is on restriction Clint's weapons were not confiscated.

During his suspension Clint has spent a great deal of time reading, catching up on long overdue paperwork and is becoming fast friends with Steve Rogers.
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